Introduction to Historical Wargaming


Historical miniature wargaming is popular recreational hobby of historical battles using 3D terrain tables with model forests, roads, rivers and buildings as well as miniature soldiers and vehicles depicting the actual participants of the engagement. Each miniature represents a certain number of historical soldiers or vehicles, as in the popular rules called Napoleon's Battles where the ratio is approximately one figure for each 100 historical combatants. The miniature army’s involved are painted to depict the same colour schemes or uniforms as were used by the historical combatants. In this regard, miniature wargaming is an art form as well as a competitive hobby.

Getting Started

How does one get started? Since miniatures are normally played in a group setting, here at The Warriors Den we maintain a database of likeminded gamers. Give us a call as we have a comprehensive list of Wargaming Clubs, so we might be able to find a club near you.

Choosing Your Army

Find an army that excites you! Each games platform has a basic army listing ie a HQ unit plus 1-2 infantry units be it from Napolean's Grande Army or one of Caesar's Legions.  You will continue to grow your army over time. Some games use a points system to assemble armies for their campaigns others use an OB (Order of Battle) the choice is yours. Go forth and conquer!!

Painting Your Army

There are many ways to paint a miniatures army, but here at The Warriors Den we can offer unique methods, quick tips and workshops for all skill levels that have proven to be both time effective and efficient.

Next step is to simply pick up the phone and give us a call on 0488 443 633  or email us at and order your army today! We have dedicated staff waiting to help you.

After that, settle down, have fun and the battles begin!!!!