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If you are a part of a Management Team of an existing club or Association and need help with an event,  tournament or Family Fun Day, give Andrew a call on 0488 443 633 or email us on we would be to happy to help  make your event a success!  


Andrew 0488 443 633 or Ryan 0477 997 970

The historical choices for armies are huge to say the least as are the rules sets that are used to play the games we enjoy today a list of some of the games and the manufacturers we have available as this is a ever changing list as companies come and go we will do our best to keep it current.

Artizan Miniatures                Bolt Action                      Army Painter                 Crusader Mini

Blood Red Skies                     Cruel Seas                       Hail Caesar                    Black Powder

Pike & Shotte                         Frostgrave                      Rubicon                          Great Escape 

Mortal Gods                           Victrix                             Team Yankee                 Gates of Antares

Fire Forge                               Gripping Beast               Renedra                         Vallejo

Star Wars Legion                  Oathmark                        Dead Man’s Hand         X-Wing

Crusader Minitures              Sword & Spear               The Chicago Way          Zombies

Pulp Figures                          Osprey Publishing          Gangs of Rome              Warlord Games

Tomahawk Studios                Plastic Solider                 4 Ground Terrain         Saga

Two Fat Lardies                    Judgement                       Flames of War               Perry Miniatures

Copplestone Castings           Battlefield In A Box        WW1 Miniatures           Lion & Dragon       Runway 13                                                                                                              Rampart       



Mission Statement

Here at The Warriors Den we are committed to the growth of table top wargaming in our local communities. We encourage both young and old alike to join clubs and participate in club activities. The Warriors Den is committed to supporting local clubs with extensive product knowledge, sales support and customer service. Giving members shopping ease so they can enjoy their passion for this amazingly diverse hobby.